What do business leaders say about Jeff Wolf and Seven Disciplines of a Leader?


“Jeff Wolf’s Seven Disciplines of a Leader is going to become a leadership classic. You’ll mark up every page you read as you spot valuable principles.”

Pat Williams, Co-founder and senior vice president of the NBA’s Orlando Magic and author of 21 Great Leaders


“Jeff Wolf's well-crafted book Seven Disciplines of a Leader is a seminal book on leadership in business, a groundbreaking study that leaders in any line of work can use to increase their effectiveness on the job. Its penetrating insights will be helpful for frontline supervisors, managers, and chief executive officers alike.”

Dale Sohn, former President and CEO, Samsung Telecommunications America


"Jeff Wolf's book Seven Disciplines of a Leader describes state-of-the-art techniques that leaders at any level of the organization can use to improve their performance. His remarkable advice is sensible, easy to understand, and noteworthy."

Marshall Goldsmith, author of the New York Times and global bestsellers What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and MOJO


“Jeff Wolf's new book, Seven Disciplines of a Leader, delivers major benefits for its readers. It very effectively demonstrates how to build core leadership skills, improve decision making, interpersonal relations, and teamwork skills, and reveals techniques of highly effective and dynamic leaders. Jeff's background as a highly regarded executive coach and management consultant qualifies him as a business guru you want to listen to.”

Edgar Tu, former President, Home Entertainment of America, Sony Electronics


“Jeff Wolf, in his new book Seven Disciplines of a Leader, has given us a comprehensive list of the many ways that the aspiring or current manager can sharpen his leadership skills in order to be able to compete effectively in today’s challenging business environment. He covers a lot of ground, but running throughout his work is a much-needed emphasis on the importance of clear and pervasive communication from the highest corporate level to the inner workings of the smallest team. As he makes clear, failure to communicate clearly and accurately will doom even the brightest of leaders. If the reader only learned this one lesson, it would make the book most worthwhile, but of course, it contains so much more. I would especially recommend Seven Disciplines to anyone making the transition from the military to the business world.”

John A. Warden III, Colonel, USAF(retired) and author of Winning in FastTime.


"Great leaders exude a passion from within to grow, learn, and build teams. Jeff Wolf has laid out a flight plan to guide you through both blue skies and turbulence to achieve your leadership goals. In his book Seven Disciplines of a Leader, he shows how successful leaders continue to learn and grow throughout their careers. Reading it and absorbing its lessons will imbue you with the courage and confidence it takes to become a great leader. Consider it a flight plan to support your team and you en route to your destination."
Howard Putnam, Former CEO Southwest Airlines & Braniff International and author of The Winds of Turbulence


"Insightful and straightforward, Jeff Wolf has written a book you can put to use immediately. This book isn’t theory, it’s action. Real case studies lead to real takeaways you can practice now. Whether you are a new or experienced leader, this book will make you better!"
Andrew Field, CEO, Printing for Less.com


"Each generation faces its own unique challenges and leaders require material that will help them become much more effective. That is why Jeff Wolf wrote this book. His focus is on how leaders can help their colleagues, team, and organization achieve maximum effectiveness, at all levels and in all areas of the given enterprise. The seven disciplines that Wolf proposes could just as well have been five, nine, or a dozen. Whatever the number, such disciplines are the "what" of leadership. The great value of this book is found in his explanation of the "how" and "why." In my opinion, the information, insights, and counsel he provides can be of incalculable value to middle managers who aspire to become leaders. Also, to those now preparing for a career in business or who have only recently embarked on one. There is another constituency to which I also highly recommend this book: Owner/CEOs of small to midsize, privately-owned companies who are eager to strengthen their skills in one or more of the areas that Wolf explores."
Robert Morris, Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer


"One of three books Small Business Owners and leaders should read."
Small Business Forum


"One of the eleven most thought-provoking leadership books of the year."
Salt and Light


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