Jeff Wolf’s book, Seven Disciplines of a Leader (Wiley Publishers), is an international bestseller and all proceeds from the book are going to our country’s wounded warriors and their families.

A Letter from Author Jeff Wolf


Living in San Diego, a large military town, I often drive near the VA hospital and see many of our nation’s wounded heroes standing on street corners with signs asking for help. Seeing these once proud able-bodied men and women asking for a handout is very sad and unwarranted!


A year ago, I was taken on a tour of the SEAL Training Center in Coronado, California. I was not only captivated by the dedication of these brave men, but by the leadership and camaraderie that prevailed among all the SEAL units. At the end of my visit, I was ushered into a room filled with photographs of SEALS who had died in action which was a very emotional experience. I was so moved by what I saw, men who made the ultimate sacrifice, that I made a promise to dedicate 100 percent of the proceeds of my new leadership book to our country’s wounded warriors. They are the real life, every day examples of leadership in my estimation.
I have chosen the following organizations throughout the nation to benefit from the book sales: Warrior Foundation Freedom Station (San Diego), Building Homes for Heroes (New Jersey) and Blue Star Families (Virginia). These organizations give back to our nation’s heroes who have been severely injured while selflessly and courageously serving our country.  
The success of the book will mean so very much to these organizations who are dedicated to helping our military heroes.  Leadership comes from a strong sense of service to others, something our military men and women exemplify every day through their sacrifice.
Thank you for your support,


Jeff Wolf
Jeff Wolf, President, RCC
Wolf Management Consultants, LLC